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Zimbabwe’s own rave queen Rozalla has returned like the ‘90s never went away! Roll back the clock to the early ‘90s and you could barely move without hearing Rozalla, whether on the radio, in the club or having a drink in a bar after work.

Her immense track ‘Everybody’s Free’ was a beacon of hope for nightlife aficionados across the world and now, when we could do with some hope she’s obliging. It is official, the ‘queen of rave’ is back!

Having suffered the loss of dance legends like The Prodigy’s Keith Flint in recent times it is a move that will be welcome with movers and groovers across the land, not to mention fans of incredibly well produced dance tunes. Not only did Rozalla understand how to write the perfect dance track, but she knew all too well the value of production and quality mastering, which is why she’s sought out the skills of producer and sound engineer Paul Miles at none other than Select Recording Studios, North London, to capture the positively exuberant vocals for which she is known.

Reactions to her new material in nightclubs of Ibiza and the Balearics have been incredible and it could just be that her very best is yet to come. While her name conjures memories of the ‘90s, this new material benefits from a contemporary sound, with her soulful singing style floating ethereally over some richly melodic beats. In addition there is more of a London, urban sound to her new material, which displays the influence of working in the studio in N17.

Now, with all the doom and gloom in the news, and the losses of some of the biggest talents in Dance Music, such as Avicii, we need a reason to feel good more than ever. Her massive new feel good hit ‘Turn on the Light’ not only benefits from all the characteristics to get feet on the dance floor, it also elicits a warm glow that could well help it go viral. The queen is ready, it seems to storm Europe’s nightclubs and reclaim her throne!

With such a crowded field it is hard enough to make your mark once and stay in the game, but it takes a special kind of character to make your way back from the wilderness. Drawing on the courage and strength characteristic of the people of her Zambian and Zimbabwean heritage, Rozalla has done just that, reinventing her sound while she’s at it.