Online Mixing and Mastering

During these uncertain times with covid 19 lockdowns tiers here at Select Recording Studios, we offer top quality Online mixing and mastering services for songwriters, music producers rappers, bands, and solo artists seeking a professional finish for their songs.

We have over twenty years of experience in mixing and mastering with numerous worldwide albums and singles released to date. We work with management agencies, record companies both signed and unsigned artists in the UK and overseas. We mix and master all musical styles. Check out some of our testimonials to see what other artists have said about their experience at Select Recording Studios.

Can't make it to our studio or live in another part of the world, not a problem. We provide online mixing and mastering services where we receive your unmixed and unmastered tracks stems via a file sharing service. The same attention to quality and refining the sound is paid to our online mixing and mastering sessions as for the studio sessions that are attended.

Have you recorded a song at home or in another studio and felt it could do with remixing? We can help! What will happen on the day of the mix? We will load all your individual stems (instrument/ vocal files) into our recording system.

We will then analyze each individual audio track and determine what compression, panning eq, dynamics, layering/doubling and effects are needed. Vocals will be checked for alignment issues and pitch correction. Drums and percussion can be re-triggered with samples or with additional layers, to give them a punchier sound if needed. All of the above will create more clarity and space and result in a cleaner, crisper mix.

Please get in touch with us for details about online mixing and mastering Email or telephone 0203 1468 768 | 07980 000345

Here's how to upload your files to us

1. First read the FAQ 
2. Click here to upload your Stems 
3. Pick the package you require 
4. Remove all processing from stems ie (fx, eq, Compression)
5. Make the payment 
6. You should receive the finished song(s) within 5 days.

Professional Quality: hardware equipment  and software to provide you with a professional mix from your recordings.

Creative: enhance your recording, add new or replacement instrumentation or produce complete remixes.

Maximise Your Sound: with vocal pitch correction and effects, dynamics  compression for a tighter sounding mix.

Industry Standard: final mix clean, crisp  for showcasing your talents, distribution and broadcasting.

Rather attend your mixing / mastering session?
You are welcome to come to the studio - Find out more about attended mixing and mastering

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Before / After Mixing & Mastering

Examples of vocal recordings "before" and "after" pitch correction: