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Are you a Singer, Musician, Songwriter or lyricist requiring top quality music production? Well, look no further! We have over thirty years of music industry experience in a variety of styles.including Pop, Dance, Rnb,Indie, Rock/Metal, HipHop Jazz, Blues, Country etc, or Perhaps you are someone who just can't seem to finish that song in your home studio - we will professionally produce your song to an industry standard and ready for release on all streaming platforms.

It is essential to get professional music production for your songs if you wish to achieve song placments, radio and internet airplay. Click here for Studio Prices. All prices include Music producer/session musician and song mastering, we can also provide male and female session singers.
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What does a Music Producer do?

At Select Recording Studios our music producer works closely with you to:

1. Create: Quality songs and musical arrangements in our professional London recording studios with our experienced music producer. See the "before" and "after" tracks in the player on this page to hear some examples.

2. Develop: your lyric and melody ideas into professional sounding songs. We can also help with harmony lines, backing vocals, vocal production effects and vocal tuning.

3. Guide: provide guidance with modern production techniques and recording processes, song arrangements and additional instruments to create a current sounding mix.

4. Finalise: at the end of the recording process we will fine tune all the recorded instruments and vocals adding EQ, compression and effects to give your mix that industry standard quality.

Music Production and production facilities at Select Recording Studios

Our music producers are experienced songwriters and musicians composers with over 25 years of experience with numerous album and single releases. They have written and recorded music for numerous UK and overseas record labels, such as Beggars Banquet, Cherry Red, and Universal Records, in addition, we have also composed music for radio and television ads, in a wide range of music styles, including hip-hop, RnB, pop, dance, rock, dubstep, electro, indie, metal, country, jazz, and more. For a selection of song, styles listen to the tracks on the audio player on this page or on our audio samples page.

The recording studio has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in which you and your music producer will collaborate, as well as professional recording and outboard equipment. Our objective is to make your studio time as enjoyable, comfortable and professional as possible.

Music Production: so you can shine

Whether you're a newcomer to recording or an established artist, our music production services can help you to create complete and polished songs to match your creative and professional ambitions.

To book a recording session or for more information about our services, please Email or telephone 0203 1468 768 | 07980 000345

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Information about Select Recording Studios

A small selection of recordings produced at Select Recording Studios. For further audio examples click here.

Examples of songs that were recorded at a home studio but mixed and mastered and slight music production at Select Recording Studios:

Examples of songs that were recorded at other studios but mixed and mastered at Select Recording Studios:

Examples of vocal recordings "before" and "after" pitch correction:

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FAQs: Music Production


Preparation is crucial in order to make the most of your studio session. Ideally, you should have a good idea of the style of your song and, if possible, bring reference tracks that you like or which have a similar style to what you are aiming for. Bring any recordings or annotations you have made of the songs or parts of the song so that the producer can develop these further and, of course, if you can perform the song in the studio then all the better.Once you are working with the producer, it is important to have a very clear idea of your goals but also be prepared for suggestions and be open to new ideas. Remember, it's a collaborative process which relies on trust and honesty. The producer is on your side and wants to achieve the best result as much as you do

Arrive in good time for your session so you stand the best chance of starting the session off in a relaxed way and achieve your optimum level of performance quickly.

The Producer's Role

In the studio, the producer's role is to help an artist develop ideas into a complete song and oversee the recording to ensure that stylistic and technical goals have been reached. In many cases, the producer will work with what might be very basic music and lyric ideas and help transform them into full songs which can be recorded. This may involve changing or adding to a song's structure if needed or helping the artist to piece together their ideas so that the ideas can become a full song. So, the producer generally has a good knowledge of a wide array of musical styles and trends as well as an awareness of some of the techniques used to create them. Above all, though, the producer brings a good pair of ears, their experience and their collaboration skills to work with the artist to create the best possible result in the most efficient way possible. Producers and engineers work closely together in the subsequent recording of the song.





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