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A small selection of testimonials from artists who have recorded or produced at our London recording studio is displayed below.
To book a recording session or for more information about our services, please Email or telephone 0203 1468 768 | 07980 000345

Fay Kendel

Fay KendelI have had a great time working with Paul such an easy, fun and lovely person to work with. I really liked the fact that Paul made me feel like a team player from the very start which really set the tone and contributed to such a great, positive and creative environment. With his talent and years of experience in the music industry, he really puts his focus on you as the artist and brings out the best in you in every way, making your music sound great. I would highly recommend Paul for your next project!


ShemI've worked with Select Recording Studios for a number of years, Paul has a great ear for music and helps to bring the best out of each song. It's always a pleasure to work together. I recommend anyone who wants a high quality professional sound to book Select Recording Studios.

Gemma Wilkinson

Gemma WilkinsonWe had an amazing time recording in the studio with Paul. He was so professional, easy to work with and the best producer London has to offer. We would highly recommend Paul for your project.
You won't be disappointed!


LIFE THRU IRISSelect Studios is a fantastic place to achieve exactly what you want. Paul works hard to ensure that you get the best result and walk away with recordings that you are excited about. He is both professional and friendly, with a great knowledge of how to make sure that you get the best sound possible. He is very versatile, lending himself to different styles of music and always bringing out the best results through his own composition knowledge and production prowess. I would recommend him highly.

Asifa Lahore

Asifa LahoreI've been using Select Recording Studios for the past 3 years. Paul is a great person to work with. He's very easy going, relaxed and open to collaborate on a range of musical genres.
Highly recommended, affordable and great quality of sound.

SGA Productions

SGA ProductionsSGA have massively enjoyed working with Select Recording Studios on our Tree Fu Tom, Tree Fu Go Tour. Paul was very attentive, the facilities were excellent and the whole recording and mixing process was extremely fun. Thank you Select... We look forward to working with you again soon!

Six Second Silence

Six Second SilenceSelect Studios achieve sound quality that is mind blowing. I always come away with crystal clear mixes with incredible depth that sound huge! Paul is an excellent producer with great songwriting and harmony ideas and always pulls the best out of any song. Six Second Silence have chosen to record their 2009 debut album with Paul Miles for these very reasons, watch this space...


HelenWhat an amazing "voucher day" I had with Paul at Select Studios. Having never been in a studio or recorded before, he instantly made me feel welcome and at ease. The whole experience was thoroughly worthwhile and I would recommend Select to anyone wishing to book a "voucher day" such as mine. The CD produced sounds absolutely brilliant!! Thank you so much!!!

Laena Ashman

Laena AshmanI had a brilliant day at Select Studios, Paul was really easy to work with and produced a quality CD, the studio gift voucher was an excellent present, many thanks.


WaliyahPaul Miles at Select studios is a great producer. He's professional, friendly and works tirelessly to get your sound right. Paul really listens to your specifications, and takes cues from you to create something cool that flows with each individual artist sonically and stylistically regardless of genre, whether it's Rock, RnB, Hip-hop, indie, pop - he can nail it! And if you're not keen with something he lets you speak your mind and amendments can be made, and it always turns out right. His thousands of hours of expertise really come through, as he comes up with great ideas and suggestions, is very quick, efficient and creative. He is patient and pleasant to work with and really wants to give you the best production service possible. Your music is in safe hands with Paul, I can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks for all your hard work Paul, I'm very pleased with the results from our studio sessions!

Katongo Temba

Katongo TembaI've been to a few London recording studios, but at Select Studios I always get exactly what I want. Paul is a great musician and Producer. He can also help you with vocal harmonies and creating your music from scratch.
I've never been disappointed by his work.

Antony Wolfson

Antony WolfsonPaul is brilliant. He achieves more in a couple of hours than others have in whole days.
Worth every penny.

Stuka Squadron

Stuka SquadronAs a musician who has worked in a number of bands over the last decade, I have recorded with numerous producers and in several major studios. Paul has consistently produced the best results at a fraction of the price of larger organisations. As a producer, Paul's enthusiasm, talent, experience and understanding of music have considerably enhanced my own ideas I continue to return to the recording studio after Ten year's and don't think that will change. Paul Miles is a superb producer, who I would not hesitate to recommend to any artist.


TomGrolI have worked with a lot of different producers but I honestly say that Paul is the best that i have worked with . He is an open minded and supportive producer who gets the best out of you and your music. I always enjoy my time with him in the studio. Paul is always helpful with the songwriting & Song arrangemets.

Leon James

Leon JamesI've recorded at some of the top studios around the world, to be honest i get one of the best sounds at Select recording studios London.
Paul the engineer always gives a 100 per cent.

Natasha Penumuchi

Natasha PenumuchiI have worked with Paul Miles a few times now on various tracks I have written. Paul is a fantastic musician and engineer. His attention to detail is second to none and works incredibly fast to produce quality results. Whether you have just one line of a melody, a musical arrangement already laid out or even have your own beat produced; Paul can work with anything to get professional results. I always enjoy my time in the studio with him. Many people from across the world have been impressed with how professional my tracks sound. Paul has great integrity and more often than not you will leave the studio on a massive high. I highly recommend Select Recording Studios."

Cole Toury

Cole TouryJust a few words about Select Studios - 3 or 4 of my tunes were recorded there.
Paul Miles, the producer, also played some ultra-cool guitar on them - always get a great sound!!

Matheus Melo

Matheus MeloI have recorded at Select Studios 10 times now - I always enjoy the recording sessions. We are always able to work efficiently and create a great sound there. Paul as a producer takes our songs to the next level.


F3TCHSelect Recording Studios is an amazing place to record. We searched a very long time and this studio turned out to be the cheapest, most advanced and had the best equipment for what we needed. The songs came out better than we ever imagined... we recommend this place for anyone who needs amazing songs recorded for them. Paul is a great guy and producer and can help you a lot!


SubZerosGreat studio. Great Sound!

Gavin Mumby

Gavin MumbyThe service I get is always top notch. Paul is a great engineer / producer and I will continue to record there for many years to come.

David Christopher

David ChristopherI've finally found the studio and producer that really delivers what I require in my music.
Paul gets the best out of me time and time again. He has a wealth of experience in song writing and arranging.

George Ides

George IdesI have been recording at Select Recording Studios for 3 years now. Together with Paul the engineer / producer I have recorded two albums and I will be returning this year to record my third album. I highly recommend the studio - I always get top quality results.

The Faces Of Sarah

The Faces Of SarahThe band's new album Lament, released in 2006, was recorded & mixed at Select Recording Studios.

TriAngle Writers UK

Hi Paul, just a quick message to say thanks for your help on our recent sessions. Very much appreciated, the result is excellent. We definitely hope to be back in the not too distant future. Thanks again, Rod & Jen.


The hardest working sound engineer we know. Paul's relaxed studio vibes and innovativeness really does make sure that your tracks are beyond what you expected them to be. Our band was worried about recording complicated drum-lines and guitar tracks, worrying about perfection. Got into the studio and within a few hours we had professional studio quality tracks. Easy to work with, easy to be around, full of ideas and can accommodate even the strangest brands of humour! We will definitely be returning to finish recording the rest of our E.P with Paul, there is no one else we would rather have.


Good Quality Equipment,...the engineer is always helpful & very patient...I recommend him to other artists.

Bell'aria London Vocals
Meticulous recording in such a warm atmosphere.

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