Select Recording Studios, London

Why should you book a recording session at Select Studios? The answer is simple - we offer amazing value for money, a wealth of music industry experience, fantastic professional recording equipment and a desire to help you achieve your musical potential.

Booking and Rates

Select Studios is one of London’s premier recording studios established in 1998 by Paul Miles, a successful musician recording artist and songwriter with well over 20 years of experience in the music business, the studio offers a superb space to record and the drive to help musician’s singers & rappers of all backgrounds and genres to exceed even their own visions for their material.

We are extremely familiar  in the following styles of music , RnB, Pop Rock, Hip Hop, Grime ,Dub Step, Dance, Metal, Electro, Musical theatre, Jazz and Country. This gives Select a real edge over many competitors, our breadth of musical knowledge and an understanding of the best techniques to elevate each genre pales in comparison. It is largely thanks to this that we are able to ensure consistent high quality recording, production, mixing and mastering across a vast range of musical genres.

Whatever your experience or musical ability may be, we will use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your potential in our friendly, comfortable, professional London  recording studio,

The studio itself revolves around a Mac Pro Music System, which is paired with a premium quality 56 channel mixing desk, top quality professional outboard equipment and top of the range microphones and monitoring system In addition we offer a vast range of plug-ins and virtual instruments to ensure that it is possible to nail down extremely precise sounds.

Services we offer at our London studios are recording, mixing and mastering, song writing, beat making, Voice over recordings, can’t make it to the studio or live in another country not a problem we offer online mixing and mastering services and a quick turnaround checkout the online mixing and mastering  page for further information

We look forward to seeing you soon at Select Recording Studios.

Solo Artists

Select Recording Studio is the ideal London recording studio for solo artists - whatever the stage of your career, abilities, or goals.

Mixing / Mastering

Select Recording Studios offer top quality mixing and mastering services for bands, solo artists and rappers.


Recording a song from scratch or rap/sing over a beat/instrumental. We can guide and advise you from start to finish.

Music Production

Are you a Singer, Musician or Songwriter requiring top quality music production? At our London recording studios we have over 20 years of music industry experience.


Our London recording studio is the perfect location for ADR, picture to sound recording, TV / Internet advertisement, corporate video, voiceover show reel.

Bands & Groups

Our fully equipped London recording studio offers an ideal recording environment for bands and groups looking to record a single, Ep or an album.

Meet the Producer

Paul Miles. music producer at select has over twenty years of experience in the music business, both as a performer and a music producer.

Online Mix & Mastering

Select Recording Studios offer professional quality mixing and mastering services for songwriters, music producers bands, solo artists, and rappers.

Gift Vouchers

Our Recording Studio Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift experience for singers and musicians, bands, work colleagues, family and friend.

Over 200 5 star Google reviews

Zola Bolt

Zola Bolt5 star review

I’ve been recording in Select recording Studios for over 2 years now and the reliability, professionalism, and engineering skills plus timely delivery are exceptional and have made me stick to this studio and great musician/engineer. I can highly recommend this studio if your are looking to start building your music recording catalogue.

Matt Makes Music

Matt5 star review

Great experience! Paul is an amazing dude and we had such an awesome session. I am sure it will turn out as a Banger!
Really looking forward to get back his studio and do more music!
Highly recommended to anyone who is after professionalism but having fun in the same time.

Frankie Bird

Frankie5 star review

I really enjoyed working with Paul at Select Recording Studios on my debut single. The studio has a friendly, comfortable environment with all the equipment you could need. Paul was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend.

Mario Mendoza

Mario Mendoza5 star review

Truly a joyful experience. Excellent studio with highly experienced Paul. He is very friendly and professional and makes you feel very welcomed and relaxed during the process. His expertise give spark, soul and magic to a song. Highly recommended. Would use again. Thank you again.

Studio News

A small selection of artists and bands that have recorded new material at select recording studios over the last few months.

Tazzy™ - Die Tryin'

Hip-hop artist Tazzy™ combines the influence of soul and social consciousness influenced from the likes of J. Cole, Jay-Z and Tupac with modern day sounds. Hip hop has always been a grassroots genre with a thousand different faces, each one suited to the particular scene at the time. Tazzy’s music is no less varied; it is equal parts emotional expression, spiritual healing, a form of protest, the sharing of a story, and a way to connect with others.