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Music lovers across the globe will need no introduction to Abbey Road Studios, and in fact, even those who have never paid much attention to anything other than the X-factor will probably recognise that iconic album cover from the 1970’s Beatles release.

Whilst there can be little doubt that Abbey Road is king of the hill as far as famous recording studios is concerned, there are plenty of less-known places that deserve a mention for all the right reasons.

You see, just because they’re not household names, does not mean that these magical hubs of activity haven’t contributed just as much to the world of digital and analogue records over the last three or four decades. So in their honour, we’ve compiled a list of epic studios that possibly deserve an equal billing to that holy grail of recording, Abbey Road.

Joe Meek’s home

Who is Joe and why is he meek? Well you may ask, but this chap actually designed a home built studio that gave birth to some of the most seminal recordings of the 20th century. Who can forget that iconic guitar riff that resonates throughout ‘Telstar’, probably one of the most memorable tracks of the early ‘60’s? As well as playing host to the likes of Gene Vincent, Kenny Ball and Steve Marriot, Joe was a real innovative genius in the studio. A pioneer of over-dubs, compressors and a multitude of guitar effects, it was a real shame that this London based music guru passed away at the tender age of 45.

Select Recording Studios

Yes of course we had to include our own recording studio! Select Recording Studios run by Paul Miles has seen current and up and coming new musicians in our professionally kitted out studio. Musicians to have used our studio include the likes of Tom Meighan from Kasabian, James McCartney and David Kahne. Services range from voice over recordings to mixing and recording. We have recently been working with Sinitta on her new single so many men so little time. The single was produced recorded and mixed at the studio and is being released on June 28th 2014 via energize records. We hope you like it.

Olympic Sound Studios

If any studio could encapsulate the sound of the mid to late 60’s, it must surely be the Olympic Sound Studios of Barnes, London. Just think about the famous names that stand for this musical era and you’ll be conjuring up images of Hendrix, The Yardbirds, Mick Jagger, and even Dusty Springfield, bless her. Because the Olympic was definitely the place to be seen, heard, and recorded during these exciting and eventful times. Even those rock gods Led Zeppelin laid down some heavy metal thunder at Olympic and don’t even mention The Who’s record breaking albums that were born here. Sadly, these studios are now just a pale imitation of the place where legends were created all those years ago.


Our 3rd entry was actually established back in the late 19th century and the roster of recording stars that laid down tracks at Columbia is almost as impressive. The New York studios were a place that frequently witnessed the likes of Bob Dylan rubbing shoulders with Johnny Cash on more than one occasion. AC/DC rocked all night long at Columbia and even Mariah Carey cut a few number one singles that simply adds to the versatility of these influential multi-track studios.

Dodd’s Studio One, Jamaica

If you start talking about music and Jamaica, one image comes to mind, yes, we are talking about the Godfather of reggae here – Bob Marley. Dodd’s Studio One saw the birth of ‘Legend’ in 1984, and although posthumously released, it went on to sell more than 20 million copies. If that wasn’t enough reason alone to include the Jamaican recording studio, Dodd’s also hosted the likes of Toots And The Maytals, plus many more reggae heroes throughout the last 40 years or so.

Motown Hitsville USA

Okay, we couldn’t really talk about ground breaking studios without including the hit factory that was born in downtown Detroit could we? Yes, Motown is probably the most effective producer of soul, R&B, jazz, and even pop music, of the last half century and more. From Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson and beyond, Motown Hitsville stood for quality black music that the whole world fell in love with, again and again. Berry Gordy was the genius behind this marvel and without him at the helm, who knows how boring those musical years would have been?

Cosimo Recording Studio

Last, but by no means least, we have the rock ‘n’ roll mecca known as Cosimo Recording Studio! If you were to ask aficionados of this musical era about the first ever rock ‘n’ roll hit, you would get a pretty definitive answer – Fats Domino’s The Fat Man! And this is where that terrific track was born. Little Richard, Ray Charles, Lee Dorsey, and many others added to the pedigree that has helped Cosimo to earn its place in the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame!