Gift Vouchers for Music Producers

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The Music Producer gift experience is suitable for anyone with an interest in studio recording, music production at any age and every ability.
Ever wondered what it would be like to have a career as a sound engineer or music producer? Well, here's your opportunity to experience a day in our professional recording studio.

The gift recipient will learn how to

Equalize - adjusting the balance between different frequency components to enhance or reduce certain aspects of the sound.
Compression - is a technique used in audio processing to reduce the dynamic range of a sound.
Audio panning - is the process of adjusting the stereo balance of an audio signal, determining where a sound is perceived.
Vocal tuning - refers to the process of adjusting the pitch of a recorded vocal performance.
Vocal comping - refers to the process of assembling the best parts of multiple vocals takes into a single, final performance.
They will also be shown how to add effects which could include Reverb, Echo, Flanger, etc. Special FX such as Autotune, Vocoder, and Glitch FX will be shown. The budding music producer will learn how to operate a mixing console.

They will also be shown how to use:

  • Digital Audio Workstation
  • Synthesizers
  • Drum programming
  • Microphone techniques
  • Outboard equipment
  • We will teach you basic music theory and finally, magical mixing and mastering.
  • Better still, it's all hands-on in a digital recording studio with an experienced music producer to tutor you from start to finish.

A range of Recording Studio Gift Vouchers are available from 3 to 8 hours.
For more information please contact Paul on 0203 1468 768 / 07980 000 345.

What does a Music Producer do?

At Select Recording Studios our music producer works closely with you to:

1. Create: Quality songs and musical arrangements in our professional London recording studios with our experienced music producer. See the "before" and "after" tracks in the player on this page to hear some examples.

2. Develop: your lyric and melody ideas into professional sounding songs . We can also help with harmony lines, backing vocals, vocal production effects and vocal tuning.

3. Guide: provide guidance with modern production techniques and recording processes, song arrangements and additional instruments to create a current sounding mix.

4. Finalise: at the end of the recording process we will fine tune all the recorded instruments and vocals adding EQ, compression and effects to give your mix that industry standard quality.

The perfect gift

tickbox  Appropriate for all ages and abilities
tickbox  For anyone interested in music production
tickbox  Hands-on experience in the studio
tickbox  Experienced music producer
tickbox  Vouchers available from 3 hrs to 8hrs
tickbox  Professional Recording Studio
tickbox  Flexible booking times
tickbox  Finished CD and MP3's
tickbox  Valid for 1 year

Recording studio gift voucher

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All prices include Studio Engineer/Studio Backline and song mastering.
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How The Recording Studio Experience works

The Voucher Purchaser

1. You buy a Recording Studio Gift Voucher from the gift packages listed.

2. As soon as we receive your payment we will send you a confirmation e mail with a link to download your Promo Voucher from.
Important: please check your spam / junk folders if you do not see your confirmation e-mail within a few minutes of your purchase.

3. The Recording Voucher is valid for 1 year after the date of purchase.

The Gift Receiver

1. Call us and quote the person's name who purchased the voucher and arrange a date and time for your recording studio session.

2. When you arrive at our studio, our experienced and qualified music producer will give you a tour of the studio and explain how the recording process works. You will then have a chance to run through your song and warm up your vocals.

3. We will find out what aspects of the music production you need to know about, we will teach you to record and edit audio to a professional standard, Discover the easiest quickest ways to compose music in your Daw.

Whether you're a newcomer to a recording or an established artist, our music production day course can help you to create complete and polished songs to match your creative and professional ambitions.

4. At the end of the recording, the song will then be given to you on CD or MP3 or both formats.

Package C
Music Producer Recording Gift Voucher
3 hours studio time
Package D
Music Producer Recording Gift Voucher
4 hours studio time
Package E
Music Producer Recording Gift Voucher
5 hours studio time
Package F
Music Producer Recording Gift Voucher
6 hours studio time
Package G
Music Producer Recording Gift Voucher
7 hours studio time
Package H
Music Producer Recording Gift Voucher
8 hours studio time

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