Gift Vouchers for for Bands

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Select Studios Band Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift experience for musicians, bands work colleagues, family and friends.

The Band gift experience is suitable for all ages and any ability, whether you are a experienced band looking at recording a new promo CD, updating your Cd for concert promotion or booking your band in the studio for your first ever recording session, our experienced music producer can get you that polished and professional sound to help you on the road to success, whilst enjoying a memorable studio day with our friendly staff at Select Recording Studios.

Why not listen to some examples in the player below, of bands that have used our studio.

A range of Recording Studio Gift Vouchers are available from 4 to 8 hours. For more information please contact Paul on 0208 829 8929 / 07980 000 345.

The perfect gift

  • Appropriate for all ages and abilities
  • Suitable for all bands, whether established or not
  • Record Mix & Master to a industry standard
  • Vouchers available from 4 hour to 8 hours of studio time

Vouchers valid for 1 year, from date of purchase

Recording studio gift voucher
Recording Studio Control Room
Live Room 1
Outboard Equipment


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  • Package D

    Singer Recording Gift Voucher

    4 hours studio time

  • Package E

    Singer Recording Gift Voucher

    5 hours studio time

  • Package F

    Singer Recording Gift Voucher

    6 hours studio time

  • Package G

    Singer Recording Gift Voucher

    7 hours studio time

  • Package H

    Singer Recording Gift Voucher

    8 hours studio time

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