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What to wear to a festival

This is just one of many questions we can ask ourselves after it has been CONFIRMED THAT BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL IS GOING AHEAD!!!

So, it has been a while since any of us went to a festival. Hell it has been over a year since we all got the stay at home order and we have been pretty much grounded ever since thanks to Covid 19 and its wicked ways.

We have until August to prepare for the epic event that BLOODSTOCK will be, which is EPIC but if you're not sure where to start, fear not...
Dead Head has you covered

WHAT DO I WEAR? (here lies a shameless plug. Scroll down to read the rest of the advice).

For starters, let's just get one thing clear – the UK weather is at best unpredictable even in August. So just because you might be getting sunburn in your Dead Head Chaotic Kingdom tank top one minute, doesn't mean you won't need your Dead Head Hunters Moon hoodie five minutes later. Warm clothes are just as important as band tee-shirts and shorts. Plus you never know when it's going to rain. This is England, after all.

Also, we get it, Lockdown hasn't been kind to our waistlines and eating from the food trucks and washing it down with a few beers can leave us feeling a little bloated. So leggings and jogging bottoms are the best way forward. (Okay, okay, you can wear jeans too but we don't sell those. Not yet anyway).

Basically, comfort goes a long way to assuring you have fun at festivals and Deadhead do cool and comfortable really well.

Other festival essentials

Toilet Roll!

According to the fans on the Bloodstock Facebook page, this is VITAL.
One of our favourite tips was from Layla Lowe;

"Take a few half sized loo rolls and stick one in your back pocket/ belt bag each morning. A few small bottles of hand sanitizer are essential too" - Layla Lowe


It is strongly recommended that you put this up before you start on the booze, as this seems to be a recurring tale of woe from regular Bloodstock goers who have made the rookie mistake of drinking before their tent is erected!

A warm sleeping bag

Even in August the temperatures at night can drop quite drastically so don't risk getting hypothermia because you only bought your Spiderman Sleeping Bag last used 15 years ago at a sleepover at your mate’s house! We bring old rugs and blankets with us to use as groundsheets as well so we don't get too cold on the ground.

Hell, go the whole hog and bring a blow-up mattress. After a hard day's work in the pit you're gonna be really glad to lie down on something soft and squishy. Unless of course, you met that special someone in the pit and well...


Remember you're there for 4 days. You'll be surprised at how quickly food goes. Food trucks are great but can quickly eat away at your beer money so make sure to bring enough money for each day or try and bring stuff that isn't like to spoil.

Super noodles totally have their place at a festival. Also, instant porridge oats are awesome as you can just add hot water. There are also great meal drinks now from the likes of Huel, that come in really handy if you just don't have time to stop and eat cos you need to catch the next band over at the Sophie Lancaster Stage.

Now for the important bit.

The bands

You're going to be spoiled for choice at this year’s line up but the best advice we've seen is from Alan Hicks on Facebook…

"Whatever you do DON'T go the festival without checking out at least some of the bands on the New Blood stage. This stage is a major part of the whole Bloodstock ethos and it's likely you'll come out of it with some new favourite bands." - Alan Hicks
Some of our favourite bands are bands we've discovered in the support slot at gigs and at the little stages at festivals so we couldn't agree more with this recommendation.

From the main stages, however, we are really looking forward to Devin Townsend, Sylosis and Bloodywood

Final word to the wise, have fun! Seriously - there's a great vibe at Bloodstock and you'll make friends even if you turn up with one tent peg and half a loaf of bread on your lonesome. Drink plenty of water, don't forget the sunscreen and look out for each other.

We've waited a long time for this.