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Gift Voucher

These days, with online shopping so prevalent and so much bewildering choice on the market, coupled with the fact that most people not having the time, or even the knowledge needed to choose the perfect present, gift vouchers are becoming more and more useful!

But nobody wants to receive the same old vouchers restricted to boring high street shops that end up stuck in one’s wallet or purse until you finally find a use for them and they are expired!

Instead, if you have a loved one or friend who’s passionate about music or has a talented voice and just needs that little nudge in the right direction, how about a gift voucher for a recording studio session? Going into a recording studio is a great experience for music lovers and no matter whether they’re in a band or more of a solo artist, it can be a great way to focus the mind on creating something truly special to take advantage of the time in the studio.

When in the recording studio the lucky recipient of your gift vouchers will benefit from the vast knowledge of the studio owners, the amazing equipment in the studio and often a peaceful and tranquil setting and an escape from the rigours of modern daily life. Maybe you have a teenage son or daughter who’s in a band and spend hours practising in whichever space they can find and maybe they’ve even recorded rough demos in the garage on an old tape deck! Well imagine the joy that you could give, not only to your relative, but to their friends as well, should you give a recording studio gift voucher that helps them on the way to fulfilling their dreams! Perhaps your partner has always dreamed about recording a session in a studio, but never worked up the nerve or found the time? It is never too late to work towards fulfilling your dreams and who knows where a studio session could lead?!

You could have been charged with finding a funky, unusual or ‘out there’ retirement gift or a gift for the boss. Maybe they play in a band or are big music buffs. This could be the perfect gift and a great talking point for the office or retirement party.

Another great thing about a recording studio gift voucher is that it is not seasonal, so whether it be a Christmas gift, birthday present, Valentine’s Day surprise, or anniversary treat it would be absolutely perfect. It shows that you have really put some thought into what the other person would be interested in or passionate about – something which is very hard to say about just a standard gift voucher. There is no time like the present, and no present like a recording studio gift voucher, so make this year’s gift a special one that they will not forget for the rest of their lives, thanks to the thought, the memories that will be created and maybe, just maybe the little gem of a recording that results from the session!