☆ Gift Vouchers for Bands

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Our Recording Studio Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift experience for musicians and up and coming bands.

The Band gift experience is suitable for all ages and any ability, whether recording a new CD for promotional use or booking the studio for your first ever session, our studio can get you that polished and professional sound to help you on the road to success, whilst enjoying a memorable studio day with our experienced friendly staff at our London recording studio.

Why not listen to some examples in the player below, of bands that have used our studio.

A range of Recording Studio Gift Vouchers are available from 4 to 8 hours. For more information please contact Paul on 0208 8298929 or 07980 000345.

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☆ The perfect gift...
  • Appropriate for all ages and abilities
  • Suitable for all bands, whether established or not
  • Record with a backing track or create your own music -- the choice is yours!
  • All genres, including rock, pop, metal, RnB, hip-hop, folk or acoustic, blues
  • Vouchers available from 4 to 8 hours of studio time

Bands Gift Voucher

☆ Testimonials
  • Life Thru Iris

    You get the best result and walk away with recordings that you are excited about

  • Paul has enthusiasm, talent, experience and understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend

  • An amazing place to record.... Paul is a great guy and producer and can help you alot!

  • Excellent producer... always pulls the best out of any song

How The Recording Studio Experience works

☆ The Gift Purchaser

1. You buy a Recording Studio Voucher for the recipient from the gift package options listed.

2. As soon as we receive your payment we will send you a confirmation e mail with an attached Gift Voucher.

Important: please check your spam / junk folders if you do not see your confirmation e-mail within a few minutes of your purchase.

3. The Voucher is valid for 1 year after the date of purchase.

☆ The Gift Receiver

1. You arrange a date and time with us (details on the voucher) for your recording studio experience.

2. When you arrive at our studio, our experienced and qualified music producer will give you a tour of the studio and explain how the recording process works.

3. If you are in a band, then a typical 8 hour session should allow for two songs to be recorded.

The studio time is allocated to running through the song a few times, then selecting the best takes, on the drums, guitars, bass, vocals, etc., and then editing all the selected takes to create a perfect take.

Adding overdubs (e.g., extra vocals, backing vocals, extra instruments to fatten up your sound) and adding effects, EQ and compression will give your tracks that professional finish. Finally the track will be mixed and mastered.

4. The songs will then be given to you on CD or MP3 or both formats.

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