Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Art of Songwriting

Songwriting is aspecialrecipe.A recipethat has the powertoheal hearts and change lives. But what precisely is songwriting?Well, the definition ofsongwritingis:“the activity or process of writing either the instrumentation or lyrics for songs”.Simple as that might seem, the reality is altogether different.When it comes towritingfor a song, there are many techniques involved inputting a song together.For instance,David Bowie’s inspiration wasthe ‘cut up’ literary technique....

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Looking after Your Voice. Top Tips for Voiceover Artists

As a voiceover artist the importance of caring for your voice can hardly be overstated. Your voice is your career and your income and as such must be treated with great care. This article looks to give some top tips to budding and seasoned voiceover artists alike. It is never too late to implement some regime changes that could extend your career and keep your voice in tip top condition.1. Keep hydrated. If you do not drink enough fluids your voice will be effected. Hydration is a massive role...

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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Voiceover Recording Tips

If you are thinking about becoming a voiceover artist there are some very important facts about the business that must be understood by all prior to making a move.Becoming a voiceover artistFor budding voiceover artists it is vitally important that you don’t just drop everything job-wise and put all your eggs in the voiceover market. It is a vastly competitive sector, owing greatly to the fact that location is not a barrier to many jobs. It would be unwise to go out and spend lots of money...

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Guide to Voice Over Recording

So, you’ve made the decision that ‘voice over’ is the way to go for your new project but don’t have experience in sourcing this particular set of skills and need some tips in choosing the voice for you. Look no further.Use a professional studio: You can have Brian Blessed himself, but if you want a powerful sound then you should make use of a dedicated studio, who themselves may have some leads in finding stellar voice over artists. The best studios will benefit from highly...

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Legendary Recording Studios you might not know

Music lovers across the globe will need no introduction to Abbey Road Studios, and in fact, even those who have never paid much attention to anything other than the X-factor will probably recognise that iconic album cover from the 1970’s Beatles release. Whilst there can be little doubt that Abbey Road is king of the hill as far as famous recording studios is concerned, there are plenty of less-known places that deserve a mention for all the right reasons. You see, just because they’re...

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Friday, April 11, 2014

What Makes Some Record Producers Geniuses in the Studio?

There are many record producers out there but only a few who can be considered geniuses at their art. Any artiste who wants to have their recording produced well should first of all listen to word of mouth – as with most things in the music industry, this will rarely let you down. Also, listen to some tracks by any producer you are thinking of working with – the finished product is after all the main thing, but you also need to take into account the studio experience, and so you should...

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Friday, January 24, 2014

What Does a Recording Engineer do?

There are many important elements to making a great record. The right songs, the right performances, good mixes and mastering, but the essence is great sound. A recording engineer is the most important and hard working part of this process. Producers are important to helping artists realise a band or artist’s vision, and are often excellent recording engineers in their own right, but it is the studio engineer who facilitates the music making process.Good all round knowledgeThe studio engineer...

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Submitting a Demo

Although there are many platforms for musicians to get their music out to the public independently, with a dwindling music industry, it is safe to say the best way to become successful is through a label or music publisher. But it is not as simple as putting your demo in to an envelope and posting it to your favourite record label, or walking in to their offices and talking to the CEO about a five-album deal. Here are some useful tips about submitting a demo.Quality vs QuantitySo, you are a budding...

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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Give The Gift Of Song This Valentine's Day

If you’re in love with a budding Bob Dylan then give them something they’ll never forget this Valentine’s Day with a recording studio gift voucher. Whether they’re just starting out or already performing in public, a gift voucher from a recording studio is the ideal way to say ‘I love you’. Perhaps your better half simply loves to sing but they’d never dream of doing it in public. Well, a gift voucher is ideal for them too because they won’t need...

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Reasons to Use a Professional Recording Studio

Whether you are the next best thing or simply fulfilling a lifelong ambition, getting your good stuff down on disc has never been easier than it is right now. Back in the day, you were faced with a few options:· Use a professional set up· Buy a cruddy 4 track and do it yourself.Thankfully we now have a plethora of choices; digital recording suites such as Cakewalk have transformed the humble PC into a multitrack digital recording monster. These can produce some amazing demos, and...

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ten World Famous Recording Studios

 Rock and roll has always created legends, but what about the recording studios where the magic happens? Take a look below to get the lowdown on ten of the most famous recording studios in the world.

10. Sun

This tiny Memphis based studio was owned by iconic producer Sam Phillips and most famous as the place where Elvis Presley first recorded. But Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison also laid down tracks here. The Studio is now a major tourist draw in Memphis.

9. Muscle Shoals

This Alabama studio opened in 1969 and utilised the services of the world famous Muscle Shoals rhythm section, who helped create the distinctive sound on many artist’s records, including Aretha Franklin and Wilson Picket. It was also the place where the Rolling Stones seminal Brown Sugar was cut.

8. Sunset Sound

In its less salubrious days Sunset Boulevard was known for the Sunset Sound studio, where many of the most famous Disney recordings were cut. In the late 50s rock and roll took over and more than 200 gold albums have been recorded their since by artists including the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John.

7. AIR

Oxford Street’s AIR was set up by George Martin when he decided to leave EMI and the studio was responsible for numerous 80s classics including the hugely successful Dire Straits album Brothers in Arms. Supertramp, The Police and Duran Duran also recorded here. The studio was destroyed by a hurricane in 1989, signalling the end of an era.

6. Abbey Road

Most  famous for the zebra crossing which is still outside the studios, Abbey Road was of course a famous haunt of the Beatles, but the studio is still going strong with artists including Kate Bush, Pink Floyd and Oasis laying down tracks there.

5. Chess

Chicago’s Chess studios are widely considered to be the birthplace of electric blues and legends including Etta James, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Willy Dixon all helped to change the face of music here.

4. Hitsville USA

Now a tourist attraction, Hitsville’s Detroit studio was the home of Motown and the Jackson Five, the Four Tops, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross were all regular visitors.

3. Hansa

A stone’s throw from the Berlin Wall, Hansa became the hippest studio in the world during the 70s when David Bowie recorded Heroes here with the help of Brian Eno. Since then U2, Depeche Mode and Iggy Pop have followed suit and the studio is still in use today.

2. The Record Plant

Possibly New York’s most famous studio, The Record Plant was the place where Jimmy Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland, Springsteen’s Born to Run and John Lennon’s Imagine were recorded. Whilst its sister studio in LA was responsible for the Fleetwood Mac classic Rumours.

1. Olympic

Known as the most prolific studio in the UK, the Olympic has seen so many incredible artists pass through its doors that it would be easier to list who hasn’t recorded there. Unfortunately, the last track was laid in 2009 by U2, after which the studio closed for good.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Are you a Hip Hop artist why not book a session at our Recording Studio in london

Hip Hop Recording Studios London
Are you looking for a hip hop recording studio, Know what vocal fx your looking for, well look no further here at select recording studios we have got 15 years experience working with various hip hop artists 
What Ever Your Recording Needs Are   :
1. New Beats 
2. A New Mixtape 
3. Record Vocals over a Beat /Instrumental 
4. Mix and master Home Recordings 
Select Recording Studio London will give you the top quality you need without blowing your budget.
Here are a few vocal fx we specialize
• Vocal Editing & Correction 
• Glitch / Stutter Vocal Fx 
• Radio – Detuned  Vocal fx 
• Vocal & Instruments FX 
• Autotune  Vocal Fx 
• élastique Pro Timestretch
If you would like to book studio time or just want to find out more information then please ring Paul on 020 8829 8929 or 07980 000345
For more info press link below to enter main site 
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas recording studio gift vouchers now available



Christmas Recording Studio Gift Days, Gift Vouchers, Gift Certificates, Gift experience



The Recording Studio Gift Voucher is the perfect unique gift experience 

The studio gift experience is suitable for all ages and every ability, whether celebrating an anniversary, a Birthday, Christmas or simply just for fun.

 Our gift vouchers make an ideal gift for a budding muscian or someone just wanting to have a go at singing. Maybe they could be the next Robbie Williams or One Direction!!


Press Link below for more information , or  contact Paul on 0208 8298929 or 07980 000345



You can use your gift voucher to book a voiceover recording session or a  try your hand at mixing or try our recording sessions for bands or groups.


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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Recording studio testimonials

Recording studio testimonials

Natasha Penumuchi

"I have worked with Paul Miles a few times now on various tracks I have written. Paul is a fantastic musician and engineer. His attention to detail is second to none and works incredibly fast to produce quality results. 
Whether you have just one line of a melody, a musical arrangement already laid out or even have your own beat produced; Paul can work with anything to get professional results. I always enjoy my time in the studio with him. Many people from across the world have been impressed with how professional my tracks sound. Paul has great integrity and more often than not you will leave the studio on a massive high. I highly recommend Select Recording Studios."
Natasha Penumuchi

Matheus Melo
"I have recorded at Select Studios 10 times now - I always enjoy the recording sessions. We are always able to work efficiently and create a great sound there. Paul as a producer takes our songs to the next level."
Matheus Melo


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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Recording studio beats


Are you a Singer, Band or Musician? Do you need creative and experienced musical support? Look no further.

Select Studios song writing Services

1 .Develop Beats & music to your lyrics and melodies

2. Develop your initial ideas into a complete And polished song.

3. Help with lyrics, harmony lines and backing vocals & Vocal Tuning.

4. Recorded a track at home ,We can remix or re-arrange you’re song and take it to the next level


We have over 20 years experience in songwriting and composing, with numerous album releases to date. Our experience spans a wide range of musical categories and styles such as Rock, RNB, Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop,Electro Nu Metal and more. We can now offer voice over recordings. For a selection of sample styles, try the audio player above.

Our clients have included record labels, recording artists signed and unsigned , voice over artists music composers, Video film makers , both in the UK and Overseas


If you need any further info or want to make a booking please contact Paul on 0208 8288929 07980 000345

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Recording studio gift days

Have you ever dreamed of being a pop star?

Now's your chance!

Record some songs in our professional London recording studio and take your first step to stardom


Select Studios gift experience will get you on the 1st step to Stardom and the  memory that will last forever. From the moment they enter our studio, they'll be the star of the show, as our friendly and expert sound engineers guide them through the process of recording vocals on their favourite song.


For more Info Press Link Below

The Link will Take you to our Main Site



If you need any further information on the Recording Studio Gift Voucher then please ring Paul on 020 8829 8929 or 07980 000345.

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Recording Studio gift Certificate


 Recording Studio Gift Vouchers,Gift Certificate,Gift Experience


Have you ever dreamed of being a pop star?

Now's your chance!

Record some songs in our professional London recording studio and take your first step to stardom!


A selection of testimonials:

Rod & Jen Natasha Gavin George
Excellent result - we definately will be back
» Rod & Jen
Very impressed with how professional my voice and songs sounded
» Natasha
The service I get is always top notch. Paul is a great music producer
» Gavin
I highly recommend the studio - I always get top quality results
» George

The Recording Studio Gift Voucher is suitable for music loving people of any age and ability. The studio experience can be tailor-made to fit any purpose:

Sing over a Karaoke or backing track of your choice or Create a new and original song from scratch

It's the perfect gift for singers and artists, Friends. work colleagues, whether young or old, amateur or professional. 

You can use the gift voucher for a voice over recording in London where we can improve the sound of a short film, advert or youtube video.

For More Info or To Make A Booking Contact paul 0208 8298929 or 07980 000345

To Purchase Gift Voucher Press Link Below

The Link will Take you to our Main Site



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Select Studios gift experience will get you on the 1st step to Stardom and the  memory that will last forever. From the moment they enter our studio, they'll be the star of the show, as our friendly and expert sound engineers guide them through the process of recording vocals on their favourite song. There's no need to be nervous as they have plenty of studio time to build up their singing confidence, and above all the emphasis is on having fun!

 Singing Gifts, Karaoke Gifts, Recording Studio Gift Experiences Recording Studio Gift Voucher

Recording Studio gift experience

For More Info Press Link Below



A Recording Studio Gift Voucher is a great gift experience that loved ones will remember forever.

If you need any further information on the Recording Studio Gift Voucher then please ring Paul on 020 8829 8929 or 07980 000345.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here's an Album Review Co/ Written By Paul Miles The Studio Producer



Nefilim Zoon  Record Label Beggars Banquet

I was skeptical of this album when I first heard it, and as others have pointed out here, the vocals often require generous listening, but it's inextricable from my collection. And with good reason. Far from the dull wet haze of 'traditional' goth metal (ie. Type O), Zoon fuses dreamy goth rock with raging speed metal, industrial blastbeats and lustrous, yet horrifying soundscapes. For those familiar with FOTN, this is most like their later work, with epic keys, dissonant guitar ostinatos and McCoy's bassy growl underscoring even the sweetest moments. However, pumping, industrial-edged metal dominates the album and you won't hear anything remotely goth until "Shine", a rockin', all-but-upbeat number with some brilliant goth vox (and some pretty shitey ones- you've been warned), by which time you've stopped expecting it. Standout metal tracks include "Pazuzu (Black Rain)" and the single "Penetration." Positively bitchin' riffs abound and are delivered with blistering energy. You will enjoy these for obvious reasons.Sensual flavours invade by stealth throughout, exemplified in "Melt (Catching of the Butterfly)", a subtle and multi-faceted track for which a good pair of headphones are mandatory. But my favourite tracks of all are the Zoons, divided into parts I & II (Saturation) and III (Wake World). Here the album is reprocessed, compiled, refined. The inimicable lilt of Nephilim guitar gives way to a gently pounding metal dirge as McCoy's vocals soar into Goth perfection. Remniscent of Ministry, Celtic Frost, even Pink Floyd, with an atmosphere of cosmic extrication from the worldly, one gets a sense from these tracks that the story being told (see below) is one of universal application- that their damnation and our suffering are one and the same. As with much of FOTN's material, the guise of a rock song with its romantic trappings is almost unnoticeably exploited to funnel a spiritual nausea right into the vein. Listen closely to the lyrics and an unmentionable evil exposes itself, lurking beneath a veneer of sweeping beauty. I mean how else can you get away with a lyric like 'You're lost for life/So lost/Your cunting life' (a tip of the dusty brim to The Exorcist's Pazuzu, no doubt) which a few bars later becomes 'your lust'.... anyway, the lyrics are genius. In summary, the album's great, a fascinating melange of diverse metal influences unflinchingly subjected to the Gothic aesthetic by an acknowledged grand magus of the form. It loses points because as the other reviews here point out, the vocals are occasionally very trite. This makes for great solitary listening but I find myself moderating when I play it around friends (who like myself are not Goths and are susceptible to the 'lameness' of things).


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Six Second Silence record their Debut Lp At select studios

Six Second Silence

Six Second Silence are a blend of Post-Grunge/Heavy Rock/Metal

The Band Have just Booked Select Studios to record their debut Album which will be recorded in november , and will  be released Early next year

for more info  of the band http://www.myspace.com/sixsecondsilencerock

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